Jun 18

After about two years of study recently I saw exactly the nest of the buzzards couple that I'm studying. It wasn't so easy to discover because the nest is visible only with particulare light condition, even if I knew the approximately position. This year I had more time to control these birds, mostly their movements during the day, and one day I found it in the middle of a tree, as you can see in the photo (the photo is very bad and is a crop in order to don't understand from anyone which tree is, if someone should know the area). In the enlarged image is showed the head of the female during the hatch. I took this photo about one month ago, and in that period I saw only the female buzzard in the nest, but Yesterday I saw something else, a white movement near the female… The buzzard chick!! It was quite big but I was too far for understand the dimensions of it or the real plumage color and structure, so I have to wait yet. If there are no problem, I'll be able to see the chick begin a young and strong buzzard, and I hope very much!!



See you soon. Bye


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